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Welcome to our third special V-V Quiz - hopefully it will take up a little time in your life and fend off boredom. Write your answers on a sheet of paper and then check on the next page for the answers. And if, at the end, you'd like to send off a small donation (say a fiver) to the Royal British Legion, the bank details are at the bottom of the Answers page.


Are you sitting comfortably ? Then I’ll begin:


1.    The above phrase, “Are you sitting comfortably ? Then I’ll begin,” came from a radio
        programme for children which began in 1950 and ran until 1982.
        What was the programme called ?


2.    A strong gust of wind moves a ball on the putting green just as the player is about to mark it.
        Should the player mark it as it now lies or replace it on the original spot and mark it ?


3.    What was the operational name given to the D-Day invasion plan ?


4.    A ball comes to rest on the line marking an area of GUR. Is the ball in GUR or not ?


5.    Five main beaches were used as the landing grounds on D-Day.    
       For one point, name three of them; for three points name all five.


6.    Into which sea does the river Danube run - Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, or North Sea ?


7.    When lifting a ball under relief, may the player change the ball for another ?


8.    Nike is the name of a well-known sports clothing brand.    
        What language is "Nike" and what does it mean ? (2 points - 1 point for each).


9.    A famous British General was in charge of all the land forces involved in the
        D-Day invasion. Who was he ?


10.    A player chips a ball from just off the green, but overhits it and the ball hits his bag,    
          which is lying on the other side, just off the green. What is the penalty ?


11.    A major film was made about D-Day in 1962 - the story was taken from a 1959 book    
          of the same name written by Cornelius Ryan. What was it called ?


12.    A player in a bunker touches the sand on the backswing. Is there a penalty under
          the new Rules ?


13.    On a wet day the ball comes to rest plugged in the rough. Rather than play it as it lies,    
          the player lifts and replaces it close by. Is there a penalty, and if so, how many strokes ?


14.    One major target for the British 6th Airborne division in the early hours of D-Day
          was a bridge which crossed the Caen Canal. It is still a major tourist site.
          What is it called - or, in fact, what was the operational name given to it by the Allies ?


15.    And a gentle one with which to end - where was this year’s Open Championship
          scheduled to be played ?