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 VV Quiz 3 - the Answers


1.    “Listen with Mother.”  The phrase was first used by Julia Lang at the beginning of the programme, at 1.45 pm each weekday. She had no idea how to start the programme as nothing had been scripted, and it was an ad lib. It became so famous that it is listed in the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. The music used at the beginning of the programme was from Fauré’s Dolly Suite (op 56.2).


2.    Mark it as it now lies. Had he/she already marked it before the wind moved it, the ball would have had to be replaced on its originally marked spot. No penalty. 



3.    Operation Overlord - but Operation Neptune was the name for the seaborne invasion - either will do. The air bombardment prior to the landings was Operation Pointblank. If you have any of them you get a point.


4.    Yes it is. The line itself forms part of the GUR, and if your stance or line of intended swing is in or passes over GUR you still get relief. A special rule applies with GUR on the putting green.


5.    Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, Sword.


6.    Black Sea.


7.    Yes - under the new rules.


8.    It is Greek and means victory. Nike is the Greek goddess of victory.


9.    General Bernard Montgomery - “Monty”


10.    No penalty under the new rules.


11.    “The Longest Day.” If you thought of “Saving Private Ryan,” you are wrong - that was a later film made in 1998.


12.    Yes, one stroke.


13.    Under the new rules, no penalty. A ball may be lifted anywhere in the “general area” 
cleaned and dropped within one club-length but no nearer the hole.


14.    Pegasus Bridge. The original one is no longer there - it was replaced in 1994. 
Its original name, in French, was the Pont Bénouville.


15.    Royal St George's, in Kent. Now re-scheduled for 2021.


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