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VV Quiz 2


Welcome to our second special VV (Victory over Virus) Quiz. Hopefully it will add a little light relief in these stressful times. The answers are on the next page - but don't peep until you have at least tried.

There will be another Quiz next week as well, so don't miss it. And help a friend - send him or her the link so they can join in as well. And if you really find it fun and want to make a tiny contribution to the Royal British Legion (a fiver, say), see the bank details at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

So, if you're sitting comfortably, we'll begin.


1    “Your starter for ten,” was a catchphrase used by the Quizmaster of University Challenge
        when it first aired from 1962. What was the name of the Quizmaster ?


2    In the 1989 Ryder Cup at The Belfry, one player from the European team, in the Sunday singles,
       hit a shot from the fairway on the 18th that carried the lake and landed on the green four feet
       from the hole, allowing him to win that hole and virtually secure the Cup for Europe.
       Who was he ?


3    And for an extra point, which club did he use ?


4    And for another point - against whom was he playing ?


5    In 1992 the BBC launched a soap-opera based on the Costa del Sol. What was it called ?


6    Player B's ball was lying badly. B was deliberating what action to take when player A,
       his marker, said: "You have no shot at all. If I were you, I would declare the ball unplayable."
       What is the ruling?


7    Who was the first non-American golfer to win The Masters ?


8    There are eight islands in the Channel Islands. Can you name them all ?
One point for five; three points for all eight.


9    A Dutch exotic dancer who had been accused of being a double-agent, was executed by a
       French firing squad in 1917. What was her stage-name ?


10    Early-morning frost on a golf course is classified as casual water - true or false ? 


11    From 9th to 12th April 1917 a fierce battle was fought between the Germans and a Canadian
         corps to take control of an important hill outside Arras. There is now a large and impressive
         monument on the site. What was the hill called ?


12    The winner of the Open Championship receives a claret jug -
         but what was the prize in the earliest days ?


13    Which football club (in England) played the first-ever Football League fixture under
         floodlights ?


14    Can you name four famous left-handers who have won a ‘major’ tournament ?


15    The equator runs through 11 countries. Can you name any three of them ?
         There are bonus points depending on how many you can name - but wait until you
         reach the answers !



And that's all for today, but don't forget to look next Tuesday as well. And if you would like to donate a fiver to the Royal British Legion, here's their bank details for easy transfer.

Royal British Legion

Lloyds Bank - sort code:  30-11-75, 

account number:  01937679

Please use GOLF-QUIZ as the reference. Thank you.