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Here’s our first Special VV Quiz (Victory over Virus)


Answers are on the page “VV Quiz 1 - Answers” - but no peeping until you have at least tried.

See how many you get right and email me with your score. We’ll list the top dozen or so.
Send your name and GC to me at the email address at the bottom of the page. 

Are you sitting comfortably ? Then we'll begin.


VV Quiz Number One:


1    How many times has a European golfer won the US Masters (Includes GB&I) ?


2    Which golfer is credited with having invented the sand wedge ? Was it Bobby Jones,
       Bobby Locke, Gene Sarazen or Sam Snead ?


3    And with beaches in mind, in which cities would you find Bondi Beach and Copacabana Beach ?


4    The poem “In Flanders Fields” was written by John McCrae. What was his profession ? 


5    Where was the first Open Championship held ? 


6     A player hits his tee-shot OB; he takes a provisional and hits that OB as well.
       He walks forward, finds both balls and returns to the tee to replay his first ball.
       What shot is he now playing ? 


7    In a pack of playing cards one King is not normally shown as having a moustache - which ?


8    “You’ll never walk alone” is the ‘anthem’ of Liverpool FC. It was recorded by Gerry & the
        Pacemakers, but came originally from a musical. Which one ?


9    In 1982 the UK was involved in a short war over the Falkland Islands.
       What is the capital of the Falklands ?


10    The great Arnold Palmer was a major force in golf.  Was he left-handed, or right ?


11    He won the Amateur Championship, the Open, the US Open and the US Amateur
Championship in the same season (1930); then founded the US Masters. 
         He never turned professional. Who was he ?


12    What was the name of the England football Captain who lifted the World Cup in 1966 ?


13    In stroke play, a player’s ball comes to rest on a gravel path. He is entitled to relief but
        decides to play it as it lies. There are a few sharp pieces of gravel around the ball.
        He removes these without moving the ball. Is this allowed or is there a penalty ?


14    Sawgrass is the name of a famous course in the US. Which town is it closest to ?


15    A ball lies half-on and half-off the putting green. Is it on the green - or off ?


And that’s all for today. How did you do ? Check your scores on the answers page (just go back to the top of this page and the menu is on the left) and watch out for our next Quiz next week.

Any comments - or really good (but not obscure) questions ?  Send me an email.


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Thank you.