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VV Quiz Number One - the Answers


1    The answer is 13 -  Ballesteros x 2; Langer x 2; Lyle; Faldo x 3; Woosnam; Olazabal x 2;
       Willett; Garcia.


2    Gene Sarazen. He used this new club for the first time in tournament play at the
       Open championship at Prince's GC in 1932 (which he won). It is possible that he had seen
        a similar-style club a few years earlier, but had it refined. Certainly, Bobby Jones had used
        a special iron for bunkers, which had a concave face and thus struck the ball twice during
        the swing - this was later banned.


3    Bondi Beach is in Sydney, Australia; Copacabana Beach is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


4    He was a surgeon (will accept Doctor), at McGill University Hospital, Montreal. He wrote the
       poem in 1915, at Essex Farm, a field hospital near Ypres. McCrae died of pneumonia in
      January 1918 whilst still in 
France. He is buried at Wimeroux - very close to the golf course.


5    Prestwick - 1860.


6    Fifth.


7    The King of Hearts is supposed to have been Charlemagne, and is often depicted as
       having a full beard - but no moustache. Charlemagne was Emperor of the Romans
       from 800 until his death in 814, at Aachen.


8    Carousel. Written by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, in 1945.


9    Stanley.


10    Left-handed. He played right-handed as, when he was a youngster, he could not
         find left-handed clubs. He began with right-handed clubs and carried on all his life.


11    Bobby Jones.


12    Bobby Moore.


13    No. Gravel is a loose impediment and may be removed - as long as the ball does not move.


14    Jacksonville, in the north of Florida. It's actually in Ponte Vedra but Jacksonville is the
         nearest large town. And it's a great golf course - I played it once and, yes, had a birdie
         on that famous 17th hole. One of the Pros told me they find 30,000 balls in the lake
         around the hole each season. 


15    On. A ball is on the putting green when any part of it touches the green.


How did you do ? If you think you might be in the top dozen send me an email with your score, together with your name and GC. And another Quiz will be on the website next week, March 31st. Don't miss it !