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V-V Quiz 4 - Questions

Welcome to our fourth special Quiz. The answers, as usual, are on the next page so try the quiz first and then see how you did.



1.    A book written by H G Wells in 1897 told of an invasion by Martians. They withstood all
military means to defeat them, but were destroyed by a virus - how apt.
What was the name of the novel ?


2.    A golfer hits a shot which comes to rest touching the course side of an out-of-bounds post.
The post interferes with his intended swing. The player needs to stand out-of-bounds to
play the ball. He lifts the post out of its hole without the ball moving, plays the ball and
replaces the post. What is the ruling ? 


3.    Who was UK Prime Minister at the time of the Falklands war: was it Edward Heath,
Margaret Thatcher, or John Major ?


4.    On the first hole of a stroke play competition, a player uses his distance measuring device before he hits second shot and then again before his third shot. The device had the ability to
make an adjustment for slope and this was turned on although he did not use it.
What is the ruling? 

A - The player gets four penalty strokes. 
B - The player is disqualified.
C - The player gets two penalty strokes. 


5.    President Trump faced impeachment proceedings recently. Two other Presidents were also impeached. Name then. 


6.    This is a true story - but what is the ruling ? Many years ago I was playing a long par-3 (194 yards) at a course in England and landed the ball on the green about ten feet from the pin. A crow (very intelligent birds) swooped down onto the green and, with its beak, started rolling the ball towards the hole. As I approached the hole the crow flew off, leaving the ball touching the flagstick, which was still in the hole. As I removed the flagstick the ball dropped into the cup.
Was this a hole-in-one ?


7.    How long did the Hundred Years’ War last - 96 years, 100 years, or 116 years ?


8.   In a singles match, a player concedes her opponent’s next stroke, picks up her opponent’s ball and rolls it to her opponent along the putting surface. The player did so out of courtesy for the purpose of returning the ball to her opponent. What is the ruling?


9.    We have all heard of the “Wisdom of Solomon.” What, exactly, did Solomon decide
which is taken as proof of his wisdom ?


10.    A player has a downhill, six-foot putt. The ball rolls off the green into a water hazard. 
Can the player opt to putt the ball again from the spot from where the initial putt was played, under penalty ?


11.    62 years ago the world of football was stunned by the tragic loss of many Manchester United players and staff in the Munich air-crash. The team was rebuilt and shaped by their manager, who had been seriously injured in the crash. What was his name ?


12.    In stroke play, a player played from outside the teeing area and hit his ball out of bounds. He plays another ball from the correct teeing area. What is the ruling? 


13.    “Good King Wenceslas looked out, on the feast of Stephen; when the snow lay round about, deep and crisp and even . . . ” - we all know the carol from childhood probably, but what do you know about Good King Wenceslas ?

So, one question - how did he meet his death; the plague, old age, murder, or was he killed in battle ?


14.    A player hits her shot out of bounds from the fairway. When proceeding under stroke and distance, she must drop the ball as near as possible to the spot from where the last stroke was made, no nearer the hole. True or false ?


15.    In an individual Stableford competition a player has a putt for a net birdie, but the ball stops on the edge of the cup. His marker says, “pick it up - that’s a good par.” The player does so. How many points does he score ?



And that's it for now. Check your answers and see how you did.