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7V-V Quiz 4 - the Answers.

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1.    “War of the Worlds.” It was first published in 1897 in magazine serialisation,
and in hardback in 1898.


2.    Two-stroke penalty. An out of bounds post is a boundary object which cannot be moved if it improves the conditions affecting the stroke for the player (Rule 8.1a(1)). However, under Rule 8.1c, there is no penalty if, before making the stroke, the player eliminates that improvement
restoring the original conditions


3.    Margaret Thatcher.


4.    Correct answer B 

A player may get information on distance or direction from a distance measuring device,
however such a device must not be used to measure elevation changes. As the player used
the device (whether or not he used the function) on two separate occasions he would be disqualified (Rule 4.3). 


5.    Bill Clinton was impeached but the case failed. Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1867.
He survived by one vote. If you put Richard Nixon you are wrong - Nixon resigned before impeachment articles were brought before Congress.


6.    Sadly, no. The crow was classified as an outside agency and I had to replace the ball approximately where I thought it had originally come to rest. The birdie putt lipped out !
A similar thing happened to me on a course in the US with a vixen, though this time she
moved the ball into the rough. 


7.    116 years - from 1337 to 1453. It included the battle of Agincourt.


8.   No penalty. As the player's action was not for the purpose of testing the putting green,
there is no penalty for testing under Rule 13.1e


9.    Solomon was King of Israel in about 970-932 BC. He was regarded as wise and tolerant. His particular judgement was in a case where two women both claimed to be the mother of a young child. Solomon ordered that the only way to resolve the matter was to cut the child in half and give half to each woman. One woman agreed; one said, “No, give the child to the other woman.” Solomon adjudged that the woman who said, “don’t kill the child” was the real mother, and gave her back her child.

Solomon’s father was King David, his mother Bathsheba. Solomon built the first Temple of Jerusalem and was reputed to have been the lover of the Queen of Sheba and the father of her child. He died in about 932 BC.


10.    Yes. The player has the option of proceeding under stroke & distance - Rule 26-1a.


11.    Matt Busby - later, Sir Matt. The team was known as the “Busby Babes.”


12.    The player gets two penalty strokes under Rule 6.1b and his next stroke from the tee will be his third. The ball played from outside the teeing area was not in play and so the fact that it came to rest out of bounds was irrelevant and the stroke itself did not count. 


13.    He was murdered - by his brother. He was born about 908, the son of the Duke of Bohemia. When he was 13 his father died and he became Duke, though his paternal grandmother, Ludmilla, ruled as regent. His mother, Drahomira, was jealous of Ludmilla and arranged to have her strangled. When Wenceslas turned 18 he had his mother sent into exile. He then ruled Bohemia but gave his brother, Boleslav, control over half the Duchy. His brother, however, wanted total control and, in September 935, had Wenceslas stabbed by three nobles, finishing him off by running him through with his lance.

By all accounts he was quite a good “king” and ruled his people diligently and with kindness - hence the title of the carol and the legend. You see, you learn something new every day.


14.    False. When proceeding under stroke and distance in the general area, a ball is dropped within one club-length of the point from which the previous stroke was made, but in the same area of the course as that point. 


15.    Zero. Rule 21.c - in Stableford every player must hole out unless by doing so he will score zero points. The net par would have given two points but as he did not hole out his score is zero. 



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