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Frequently Asked Questions



Q - In the Pairs competition, do both players have to belong to the same Club ?

A - No. They may belong to different Clubs but must choose at which Club they will play all their home matches - they cannot change from one course to the other. Also, now that we allow a reserve, in the event that the reserve belongs to either the Club of the 'second' player or to a third Club, all home matches must still be played at the Club of the player named as the first contact. This might mean, in the event that the first player is unavailable, that both players (the second player and the reserve) are playing at a course that is not, officially, their home Club, though in this tournament that Club will be considered their home Club. Please note that this might involve them in having to pay a green fee - they cannot ask their visitors to contribute to this.


Q - Do visitors have to pay a green fee ?

A - In general terms, no. We find that about 99% of courses offer courtesy of the course to visiting players involved in our tournaments. In the unlikely event that no courtesy is offered, the visitors' green fees are shared equally with the home players. Thus, if the guest (with Member) green fee is £30, the home players would pay £15 each and the visitors would pay £15 each.


Q - We are due to play at a course we have not played before. Can we play a practice round before the match and can we have courtesy of the course ?

A - Yes - and no. You can play a practice round. The home Club is under no obligation to offer you a courtesy round for practice though, so you might be asked to pay.


Q - Are either of these two competitions classified as qualifying, for handicap purposes ?

A - No.


Q - What tees should we use ?

A - The tees set by the home Club committee for use on that day for Seniors.


Q - What happens in the event of the match finishing all-square ?

A - In the Pairs tournament you continue on a sudden-death basis on the pre-advised play-off holes using the same handicaps and strokes. 

In the Club Classic (team event) the two lowest handicappers (who should be playing together anyway, and be playing last) will continue on a sudden-death basis on the pre-notified play-off holes. Should the lowest handicap player be unavailable for any reason (including injury), the next lowest player will compete in the play-off.

In both cases, the home Pair or team captain should advise the opponents of the planned play-off holes BEFORE the match commences. 


Q - Can I use a golf cart as I have recently had an injury that makes walking difficult ?

A - Yes, you can use a cart at any time if you really need it. We allow them but discourage their use unless absolutely necessary. You do not need a doctor's certificate but do please advise your opponents well before the day of the match of your need. You may well have to pay a rental fee for this - it is not covered by the rules of courtesy. Also, see the rules page for an important item relating to who can use buggies.


Q - Is it a condition of the tournament that hospitality (eg, snacks, coffee, meal, etc) be offered to visiting players ?

A - No. However, we would hope that home players would offer some courtesies to their guests, though we leave it to you to decide what that should be. In many cases those visitors might have travelled a fair distance, so might like a snack before play, for example, or after. Do to others as you would like others to do for you.


Q - Can matches be played at weekends ?

A - Yes. We set no days on which matches can or cannot be played. A good number of seniors these days work or are involved in other things that restrict their time on the golf course, so weekends might be the only time they are available. However, we would hope that, in most cases, they can make arrangements to play midweek as many Seniors do not have playing rights (especially with courtesy of the course for guests) at the weekend. Common-sense should prevail. If the home team or Pair does not have weekend playing rights a green fee might be payable for either or both teams or Pairs - the rules on this are that the total costs are shared between all four or eight players.


Q - I am the away player (or contact) and have not heard from my opponent with possible dates, although the draw has been on the website for three days. How long should I wait ?

A - Don't wait, take the initiative and get in touch. It's in your interest to get dates sorted as soon as possible so go ahead - call him !



Q - The weather forecast for the day of our match is looking horrific. Do we need to travel in the hope that we can play ?

A - Common-sense should prevail in this situation. With ever-changing climatic conditions all players should take a safety-first attitude. If an amber or red weather warning from the Met Office is in force for the course on the day of the match and/or for the travel route, it would seem sensible to re-arrange the match for another time. This might mean missing the deadline for that round but we can normally deal with that. If the course is, or is likely to be closed on the day of the match the visitors should be advised as early as possible to avoid them travelling. 

Please be very aware, as I know you are, of the dangers of thunder. Never take a risk.


Q - I have a question on the rules. Where can I find them ?

A - On this website, on the page marked RULES. If you cannot find the answer, email me -



If you have any more questions please email me. It only takes a minute or two.